Staying on course for total well-being.

Health Care Navigation

At Heritage Village in Gainesville, Virginia, residents and their families can rest assured there’s an effective program in place to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and navigate any medical challenges that may lie ahead: Health & Wellness Navigation.

The trained Health & Wellness Navigation Team partners with all residents to efficiently, professionally and reliably anticipate needs and address them. From day-to-day nutrition, fitness and life-enriching activities to preparation and follow-up for outpatient and hospital care, assistance is always nearby.

Speedy Move-in

At Heritage Village, we understand transitioning patients and loved ones from a hospital or medical center to a senior living community can be stressful—for both discharge planners and families. That’s why we offer a convenient service that allows patients to transition to Heritage Village with seamless continuity of care. On-site nursing is available 24 hours a day and we are able to conduct timely evaluations, even on the weekends. Discharge planners and families can be confident that the transition process is smooth, efficient, easy and stress-free.

Short-Term Recuperation

When patients go straight home from the hospital or rehab, they are skipping important steps on the road to recovery from an illness, injury or surgery. The Health & Wellness Navigation program at Heritage Village offers a better solution: Short-Term Recuperation. These short-term stays provide access to care, equipment and therapy if needed, and give each person a chance to recuperate and relax a bit longer, with a helping hand always nearby.

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